Week 0 – Starting off Semester 2

This week of commencing the creation of my Diigo, Feedly, WordPress blog and Twitter accounts has created multiple challenges for me. Although I like to think of myself as technologically literate, there are always new things to learn, and forming these different ICT outlets to log my journey over the next Semester are all quite foreign concepts.

I am very excited to see the opportunities that these four different forums give me. Although I am familiar with the concept of RSS feeds, I have never encountered a site like Feedly. I’m intrigued as to how it can assist me in my studies, and also throughout my career as a teacher.

Diigo also seems to be a very competent and useful site and bookmark app, as its main concept is to:

  • save and tag your online resources for easy access anytime, anywhere
  • annotate web pages and PDF’s directly as you browse online
  • organise links, references and personal input to create a structured research base
  • share your research with friends, classmates, colleagues or associates

This in itself seems to be a very succinct way of completing research for assignments; something that can take quite a while.

Although I have used blog sites before (such as Weebly and Tumblr), I am excited to use WordPress as a new platform. It is very easy to use, and I do not feel overwhelmed with its layout.

Twitter is another forum I am familiar with, so I am excited to use this with EDC3100, to facilitate my learning process throughout the semester.


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