Week 1 – Identify the ICT Quiz

This quiz was based around what is considered ICT (or Digital Technology), and what isn’t.

I received 80% for this quiz, and it seems that I have some misunderstandings as to what is considered an ICT, and what isn’t. The two that I got wrong were the overhead projector, and the old-style analogue televisions. Although they are a form of technology, they are not a digital technology, and I believe that this is definitely something I need to keep in mind when utilising ICT within the classroom.

Overhead projectors and old-style analogue televisions have newer substitutes, seen in digital projectors and digital televisions. The old overhead projectors relied solely on light and reflection to do the projection, and as I now reflect on my answers, it is clear that these have no proper place in today’s age of technology, due to their more efficient replacements.

ABC reporter Damien Larkins reported that over 400-tonnes of e-waste was processed at two sites after many people made the digital switch in 2011 and 2012. Some of the e-waste consisted of old movie projectors, old slide projectors, old stereos, and also analogue televisions (2013).

I feel as if there are so many misconceptions with technology. Although I like to think of myself as technologically literate, it did not even register to me that there was analogue and digital until I took the quiz. It’s not such an obvious thing, however, growing up in a world full of technology, when everything seems to just meld into each other with the constant and quick progression.

Until next time…


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