Week 1 – Why is ICT different?

After working through the Week 1 learning path, I was given the question: Why is ICT different?

From my personal experience, I have found ICT to create a more visual, interactive and efficient learning environment. On past practical experiences in classrooms, a book or piece of paper had little to no effect on a child’s learning, as not all kids were able to grasp concepts easily. But when ICT was introduced into the lesson, and students were encouraged to be active participants, I found that it immediately created a more inclusive environment.

For those students with ASD, dyslexia, and even blind and deaf students, technology and ICT especially opens up an entirely new world of possibilities for their learning, by facilitating them through programs that a simple book or worksheet could not achieve.

It is a very exciting time to be becoming a teacher, as there are so many open-ended possibilities for an inclusive learning environment, and ICT and digital technologies are paving the way to a greater outcome for all involved.


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