Week 2 – Purposeful use of ICT

This week we’ve been asked to reflect on the question:’What is the best learning experience you’ve ever designed?’

For me, there are quite a few different times I have utilised ICT to create interesting learning experiences, but the best learning experience I’ve ever designed is a descriptive writing lesson.

My inspiration came from The Twits by Roald Dahl, a book that can encourage and inspire kids to come up with very intriguing ideas for descriptive writing. I found The Twits to be an appropriate way to inspire this particular group of kids (Grade 6), to use their descriptive writing skills.

My idea for this lesson was to utilise Microsoft Powerpoint and the digital projector to build on the basic concepts that the students had learnt of descriptive writing. The Australian Curriculum descriptor for this lesson was Language – Expressing and developing ideas – Understand how ideas can be expanded and sharpened through careful choice of verbs, elaborated tenses and a range of adverb groups/phrases – ACELA1523This descriptor helped me plan a lesson that helped facilitate an interactive learning experience, and all the students found it very enjoyable. I gave them disgusting pictures to inspire their descriptive words, and they loved doing something that wasn’t in the norm. Then I asked them to describe Mr. Twit’s beard, and got them to use all their descriptive

I designed the lesson this way because I felt as if it was a creative way of utilising technology to inspire students with their creative and descriptive writing skills. This lesson became one of my favourites, because my students enjoyed it and they felt happy with their wonderful descriptive writing.




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