Week 2 – What is your somewhere?

In the Week 2 learning path, we have spoken about copyright, Assignment 1, and why (not) use ICT and Pedagogy. The last thing I want to blog about this week is my ‘somewhere’.

A teacher’s ‘somewhere’ includes three things:

  1. context
  2. the learning objectives and curriculum
  3. the learners

After reading through this, I’ve decided the following apply for my ‘somewhere’.

The context of my somewhere is the Primary sector. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary), so this gives me the main context. The year I would love to be teaching is Year 4. The number of students is 25, and the school is a small, country Catholic school.

The learning objectives and curriculum involved with Year 4 can be seen on the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority site. The general capabilities encompass five main elements:

  • Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT
  • Investigating with ICT
  • Creating with ICT
  • Communicating with ICT
  • Managing and operating ICT

(ACARA, 2016)

These elements are further explained in the Information and Communication Technology Capability Learning Continuum, found in the PDF document underlining ICT general capabilities. I would expect to have my students reach Level 3 by the end of Year 4. Being able to do these general capabilities would be imperative to their success in the school environment. The ICT that should be available for this are computers, Interactive White Boards and iPads.

Some of the learning objectives I would hope to teach would be:

  • having students explain and acknowledge any images or information they sourced
  • having students log on to their own personal login, use their own email, and save their own files
  • recognise forms of cyberbullying
  • using ICT to research and find information for assessment
  • using ICT to collect data

(ACARA, 2016)

As Colin McIntosh said in his blog: ‘To get the most out of your students you must show an active interest in them and it vital that we develop a somewhere that the students feel safe to explore and make mistakes’.

Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (2016). Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability. Retrieved on July 20, 2016 from http://v7-5.australiancurriculum.edu.au/generalcapabilities/information-and-communication-technology-capability/introduction/introduction

Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (2016). Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability (PDF). Retrived on July 20, 2016 from http://v7-5.australiancurriculum.edu.au/GeneralCapabilities/Pdf/ICT



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