Week 3 -Decoding Learning Innovation

This week, the topic of our learning path is ‘How can ICT and Pedagogy be used?’ I decided to use this blog post to explore the document in the ‘Examples of ICT & Pedagogy’ pathway.

The spreadsheet can be found here. This spreadsheet, labelled ‘Decoding Learning Innovation’. This spreadsheet has 150 innovations that were ranked by the Decoding Learning Report – a source that looks at the impact of digital technology within classrooms.

When looking through the spreadsheet, I found many great projects to assist with implementing digital technologies within the classroom and lesson plans. I found one that actually encourages the use of Minecraft, originally created as a video game. Mark Marshall, a blogger and international teacher, has written a blog post about using this as a resource in the classroom. I found this concept incredibly interesting, as using technology within the classroom.

Minecraft is a multi-faceted resource, and can be used in many contexts, such as ratio and proportioning in Mathematics, or reading comprehension in English. Students even have the opportunity to explore buildings that are real-life occurrences, as there have been many already-created structures within the game that can be used. These can even be created by students themselves!

With Minecraft, the opportunities are endless, and there are so many wonderful things that can be achieved within this interactive environment. This is just the beginning of technological innovation with classroom, and it makes me very excited for the future.


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