Week 3 – Examples of ICT & Pedagogy

ICT within the classroom is important, but the pedagogy used with it is even more important. My beliefs align with those of Colin McIntosh‘s, as I too believe that technology should ‘meet the developmental milestones of a child rather than the latest trends’. An example of ICT & Pedagogy within the classroom that was shown on the USQ StudyDesk was this project, started by Red Balloon, an English school based in Brazil.

  1. What is it?This project uses Twitter as a forum to discover the spelling and grammatical mistakes of other Twitter users, such as celebrities, in order to exercise their knowledge.
  2. How might it be used?As mentioned above, it can be used to find tweets by celebrities and other Twitter users, and push them to ‘edit’ these tweets and provide the correct format.
  3. Why does it help student learning?This can benefit students with editing their own work, or others work whenever it is swapped in class for marking. It can make them aware of what they’re writing, and the correct format in which to write it.
  4. What can you use from this example?I may not necessarily use this exact example in future teaching endeavours, but finding different tweets from different people and using them as examples for students to edit would be a great way of creating that awareness with their writing.

All in all, I think this is a really effective teaching method for spelling and grammar.


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