Week 3 – The R.A.T Model

The R.A.T model is another feature of this week’s learning path. The R.A.T model is ‘an assessment framework for understanding technology’s role in teaching, learning and curricular practices, originally developed for PK-12 education, but it has been applied in higher education, especially in pre-service teacher education’ (Hughes, 2016).

Its original purpose was to be used as a self-assessment for pre-service/inservice teachers, effectively increasing their decision-making when it came to all things technology. It is now broadly used to help evaluate a person’s personal use of ICT and pedagogy (Jones, 2016). The image below is a summary of what R.A.T stands for:




To use this model, we have to use the acronym ‘SLIC’ to capture the three themes:

  1. Student Learning Processes;

    What the student is doing during the instructional event.

  2. Instructional Methods;

    What the teacher is doing during the instructional event.

  3. Curriculum Goals.

    The knowledge, skills, and experience to be developed by the learning through engagement in the instructional event.

(Jones, 2016)

These dimensions help guide the analysis of technology use. When reading further along in the learning path, I found out that the R.A.T model has changed, and that it now defines how one of the SLIC themes as been changed through the use of ICT and Pedagogy.

As this model is explicitly used in Assignment 1 and 2, I think it is important to go through and familiarise myself with it, as I will be utilising it when thinking about my use of ICT and Pedagogy within Professional Experience.

It is great to use something that has been tried and tested, and I look forward to using this model in the future.

Hughes, J. E. (2016). Replacement, Amplification, and Transformation: The R.A.T Model. Retrieved on July 26, 2016 from http://techedges.org/r-a-t-model/

Jones, D. (2016). EDC3100 – ICT and Pedagogy – Introducing the RAT model. Toowoomba: University of Southern Queensland. Retrieved on July 26 from http://usqstudydesk.usq.edu.au/m2/mod/book/view.php?id=617718


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