Week 4 – Assignment 1 Reflection

After finishing and submitting my assignment, I felt like I should talk a bit about it. This assignment is, quite simply, confusing. It was quite comforting to read on some of the other blog posts though, that others are finding it difficult too, such as Jane. I took the plunge and submitted it, because I had sat there most of the day and night scouring through each section, checking to see whether I could add anymore, and I think my head was finally read to explode by the time I did it.

I think one great thing I got out of this assignment was the knowledge about copyrighting of lesson plans. It never really occurred to me before doing this assignment, that I actually needed to check with others to use their work in my uni assessment. It’s definitely a practice I will take with me through any further assessment that I do, regardless of whether it is in this subject or not. I am now starting to gear myself up for Assignment 2, which seems to be a monumental task.

The one thing that is scaring me at the moment is the criteria selection… I think I will have to go over the learning path a few more times to figure that one out…


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