Week 5 – What is a Learning Experience?

The next part of the learning path asks us to judge the quality of a learning experience. Using the Grade 12 Legal Studies Unit Plan, I was asked to choose a learning experience, and then use the questions below to critique it. I chose to critique Learning Experience 1:

Are the student activities suitable to the theme or topic?

Yes I think they are. They start with basic activities to suit the theme, such as providing an overview of the criminal justice system as well as legal terminology.

Is there support for a range of learners as outlined in the context?

There definitely seems to be support for a range of learners, as they are put into small groups, and allowing them to use problem solving in order to establish current legal issues. There seems to be some explicit teaching as well.

Does it use a range of learning and teaching techniques?

Yes, there seems to be collaborative learning, constructivism, and explicit instruction throughout this learning experience.

Are the learning experiences “good”? How might they be improved? What might you need to know in order to improve them?

I think there needs to be a higher level of ICT used within this lesson, as it seems to lack it throughout this learning experience. It is ‘good’, but not great, and there are definitely things that can be bettered throughout.


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