Week 5 – What will you do?: How will you do it?

This week I’m working on Assignment 2. After going through the learning paths so far, I’m finding it difficult to confirm a few things, and am waiting on David to reply in the forum, so I’ve continued on with Week 5 while I wait. These are two questions that I need to consider throughout this learning path, and I’m finding it

  1. How do you design and sequence learning experiences?Answering the more general question about how to design effective collections of learning experiences for a unit plan.
  2. How do you amplify and transform learning experiences with ICT?Looking more specifically at how you enrich your learning experiences using ICT.

I think utilising the RAT model and focusing on the different levels of lesson planning will be efficient in answering these questions. As Denise says, using the RAT model is ‘very useful when trying to plan lessons using ICT’. I actually found this link on Denise’s post as well, and found it very informative.


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