Week 5 – Where do ideas for learning experiences come from?

When reading through this learning path, I read about the different pedagogical frameworks that can be used to find ideas for the learning experiences.

A rather obvious option was utilising Bloom’s Taxonomy, as it follows the correct structure and flow for the three learning experiences we need in our assignment.

Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to develop learning experiences is broken down as follows:

Remembering & Understanding – This part relates to Learning Experience 1: Constructing Knowledge

Applying & Analysing – This part relates to Learning Experience 2: Constructing and Transforming Knowledge

Evaluating & Creating – This part relates to Learning Experience 3: Transforming Knowledge

Using Bloom’s to develop Learning Experiences

Source from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/david_jones/17069981662

After looking at the three learning experiences, I think it will be easy to develop my unit plan, as it helps support what sort of activities will be facilitating the learning at different levels.

I was thinking about the question: Why would students be excited about this topic, this unit, and its activities? This is something that definitely needs to be kept into consideration, as a good quality plan should be able to excite and engage learners.

The best way to create this exciting learning experience is to keep collaborating with my Personal Learning Network, and also collaborating with other EDC3100 students. Checking Scootle and other lesson planning sites that are affiliated with the Australian Curriculum is a surefire way to ensure this.

I’m looking forward to deciding on my learning experiences.



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