Week 6 – Essay “do’s and don’t’s”

Hi everyone.

I’m not even sure if that’s the correct way to write “don’t’s” but spell check isn’t pulling me up on it, so I will just go with it!

I am currently working through the essay component of the learning pathway. There seems to be a lot of do’s and don’t’s throughout this section. I thought I’d go through and list a few, as a reminder to myself and to fellow students:


  • Do explain why ICTs are beneficial to the lesson
  • Do use references to support your claims
  • Do mention the words amplify and transform


  • Don’t use the RAT model as a reason for using ICT and pedagogy
  • Don’t use padding (waffle on) with unnecessary information such as common educational concepts like Bloom’s Taxonomy or Piaget/Vygotsky’s constructivism

I’m also interested to see that we have been told to use USQ’s APA referencing guide. I don’t know about any other students, but I have found time and time again that even though I do my reference lists the same (going off this particular guide), some receive full marks, and some don’t.

It’s all very confusing… and I’m not sure whether this is done to psych us out or not, but it definitely confuses me to the umpteenth degree when it comes to my referencing. Here’s hoping I do it correctly when the time comes!


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