Week 6 – Overview of the chaos

Well, it’s safe to say that I am feeling the pressure. It’s great to read the blogs of other people who are going through the craziness of two prac subjects, like Sabeeca. It’s very clear to me that I have taken on my own version of Everest. Thinking that I can do two prac subjects is not my best decision to date, as I can feel myself dwindling away under the workload. It is amazing to me that I have even kept up with the weeks for this subject, as the workload is immense. I can finally see the end at the tunnel for this prac, as I have a week and 2 days left, but the prac for this subject is imminent, and something I am slightly dreading, as I feel like I will be snowed under again with assessment. I hope everyone else is doing well with keeping up; think of the end of semester and dream of the few weeks you’ll have between this one and Semester 3 (or maybe thats only me, since I seem to be a sucker for punishment)


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