Week 7 – Assignment 2 and EDP3333 prac reflection

Well it’s official. I am done with this blasted assignment. It is great to be two thirds of the way through this course, and on the home stretch assignment-wise. After finishing off my prac yesterday, I felt incredibly exhausted, but also exhilarated at the same time. Ticking off another 15 days of prac out of my 100 days has brought me up to the halfway mark. 50 days of prac has been completed, and I will be knocking out another 15 days for this prac for EDC3100 as well.

I managed to complete Assignment 2 of EDC3100 on the weekend, and it was definitely a struggle for me, as I find it difficult to better myself when I don’t have feedback from other assessment. But after reading through my Assignment 1, I can see that there are things that I have definitely addressed in this second assignment, and for that, I am very happy.

It’s great to see that other people are around the same place as me in this learning path, like Jane. After hearing negative reviews about this subject, it is safe to say that I am really proud of where we are all going with it!


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