Week 7 – ‘What’s the weather like where you are?’

I found this fascinating. The idea that people across the world could take a photo, email it to a specific email address, for it to pop up on a Flickr page, was amazing to me. Although I have grown up with digital technologies for most of my life, I still find it amazing that we can do something so simple, and be able to bring together images from all over the world to one specific (digital) place.

This subject continues to surprise me with the amazing technologies available out there, and the amount of things I still don’t know (and I’m sure many teachers don’t know). I found it interesting on my prac, when speaking to my mentor, that she felt as if technology was definitely only replacing things in the classroom, not amplifying or transforming lessons.

I feel as if there is so much information out there, but not in an appropriate format for teachers to learn about easily. I think Professional Development for teachers really needs to start including more of these digital technologies. When I was in my Prep class this past month, I really found the technology lacking. At most, my mentor used a lot of analogue technology. The kids hardly interacted with it, which I found to be very disheartening, as they didn’t seem to engage in lessons as well as they would with the use of technology. I believe things such as handwriting and spelling are skills that are timeless, but when it comes to interaction within the classroom, technology is the way to go.

Here is the picture I took for this activity!IMG_7563


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