Week 8 – Digital Citizenship

My experience and knowledge with digital citizenship and the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT in my personal and professional life is quite extensive, as I have had to ensure that my information is secure from a young age. I have had a lot of experience with being bullied, and even dealt with a catfish experience at one point.

Quiz results

Quiz 1

I only received 1 out of 4 questions right for this quiz. It is clear that there are many misconceptions about bullying and cyber-bullying. It was interesting to find out that students who often take part in bullying are more likely to have inflated self-esteem. I got the second question correct, but the cyberbullying question was one I also got wrong. It was interesting to find out that cyberbullying was not the most common form of bullying. It was also interesting to read that teaching a student who is being bullied to use more effective skills is not going to stop a bullying situation.

Quiz 2

I got 25 out of 25 for this quiz. It was great to see the tricky questions to test students’ knowledge on safety on the internet.

I think I am very well-informed about how to use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically. I think there are always ways to expand your knowledge with digital citizenship, and it was great to read about Tammie’s experience with her digital citizenship as well.


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