Week 9 – IWB technologies

My lack of understanding of Interactive whiteboards is something that has really limited me in the past with using them in lesson planning. It’s been really good during this learning path to actually read about the different resources that are available with this ICT, as I feel as though they are undervalued and not utilised enough within classrooms (apart from used simply to only replace things that could be done without technology). After going over a lot of the Promethean Planet resources, there was one that caught my eye.

Liz Gibbs has created a flip chart that helps explain the concept of place value, and I really feel as if this is a valuable resource to assist students with their understanding. It’s very interesting to look through all the different resources after downloading the Promethean technology (ActivInspire), as a whole new world has been opened up to me now, and I sincerely hope that my next placement has an Interactive Whiteboard so that I can utilise this technology within my lessons.


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