Week 9 – The imminency of Professional Experience

It is scary to think that within a month I will be on Professional Experience again. Especially considering the fact that like Colin, I am still waiting for confirmation on my placement as well. It is very disheartening when I have contacted my site coordinator and she doesn’t seem to place any importance on this. I am still waiting for my first prac result to be put on InPlace as well, which means I can’t even continue my Professional Experience until this is done. I’m not sure what is taking my site coordinator so long, but it feels very stressful that this is being drawn out, when they have known about this for two months now.

This has happened with my last prac as well. It really bothers me when it is drawn out and this stuff is only confirmed within a few days of the commencement date. The scarier part is that I will be starting this prac on the first day of Term 4, which means that there’s little to no chance of me meeting my mentor before my placement: something else that scares me. I don’t like going into this situations with such an unknown, and I need to be able to discuss the requirements and expectations of my mentor and also the subject.

Lets hope that this gets rectified sooner rather than later.


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