Week 10 – Assignment 3

It’s interesting to go through the learning paths and see the different tips that are being given for Assignment 3. Ironically, there is one that I’m specifically wary of: mentioning the TIP model. I can’t even remember what this is, so I guess that I’m going to have to go back through the learning paths and have a look. The Lesson Plans book is something that I’m going to bookmark here for future reference. I’m interested in the section that talks about how we shouldn’t necessarily pick five lessons that weren’t successful, and that we won’t lose marks in Part C if we are limited in our use of ICTs.

I’m a bit worried about the evaluation, but I’m hoping that it will come easily. Addressing the following questions should help: You are to evaluate the integration of ICT during your Professional Experience and identify lessons you need to apply for your future teaching. In doing so, you should address the following questions:

  • Evaluation
    1. What were the successes you achieved? What made them successful and why?
    2. What were the not so successful components and why?
    3. What factors (within the school/classroom) impacted on you ICT integration?
  • Insights gained.
    • Based on the above, how will you change your ICT integration planning (that you developed in Part B of this assignment) for your next Professional Experience? Why?
    • Your answers to these questions should be supported with references to the 5 lesson plans submitted with this assignment, your broader Professional Experience, and appropriate literature and theory.



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