Week 10 – Professional Experience placement

It’s really sad to see that there are still so many people, like Tammie, waiting for Professional Experience placements to start on the first day of Term 4. I myself was still waiting until today, and have been anxiously waiting for nearly two months now for confirmation, so it has been nice to finally  hear back from my site coordinator, due to this being a return placement (I completed EDP3333 placement last month, which is typically done after this placement at the same school, hence the return). I have been told that I will be in a composite class of Year 5 and Year 6, and although it is rather daunting, I am quite excited to take up the challenge. I am still yet to hear back from my mentor as to what digital technologies are available for use within the classroom, but I am hoping (nay, praying), that there is an Interactive Whiteboard in there, as this will be one of the ways I would like to integrate ICTs into my lesson planning. I hope everyone has a great placement and learns lots of useful strategies to implement into their own classrooms when they finish their degrees.


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