Week 10 – What do I need to do to pass?

Well, it’s difficult to answer this question. Because at the moment, all I have are the results of my first assignment, which was 13.82 (?) out of 19. Which has me currently sitting on a credit (and almost a distinction – annoying, I know). I know that I already have 5 out of 5 for Part A of assignment 2  and for Assignment 3, so that part is not much of a worry. To pass this subject (with the inclusion of my pass mark for Professional Experience), I will need to get at least 25.18 marks from Assignment 2 and Assignment 3. I feel as if this is very achievable, because that is essentially 12.5 marks out of 40 for each, which is quite achievable. I have a good feeling about my second assignment, as I spent an entire week on this, working hard to create a solid unit plan that applies digital technologies to transform and amplify my learning strategies. I feel as if I am on the right track with all of this.


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