Professional Experience – Preface

Well, this week, I start my Professional Experience. I’m not nervous or daunted, even though I have absolutely no information to go off apart from the fact that I am in a composite Year 5/6 class. I have no idea what the situation is with the ICTs in the classroom, but am hopeful that there is at least an Interactive Whiteboard in there. I’ve been researching different sites that have Interactive Whiteboard competent programs, and have found this website: It’s really a great time to be a teacher, with all these sources right at your fingertips, and it makes me excited for when I start my career in teaching in just over a year’s time. The lesson planning is something else I’m hesitant about, as I worry that my lesson plans are never thorough/creative/productive enough. It was great to read Pamela’s post about resources to aid with lesson plans. It’s great to see people are able to find so many resources that can assist with the strenuous task of lesson planning. It gives me hope that I will always be supported within my PLN.


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