Day 1 – Reflection – EDC3100 Prac

Today was my first day of prac, and I have been placed with a 3/4 composite class. At first I was supposed to be with a 5/6 class, but was told right at the last minute (as soon as I showed up), that I would not be with that mentor.

Not one to worry about the small things, I happily accepted the invitation to go with this lower class, and I’m very glad I accepted, as my mentor, although rather outdated in her methods, is very lovely and encouraged me to just dive in and help out, rather than sitting back and watching.

I was able to take a few small groups and spend some time with the kids. I have learnt about 5 or 6 of the names of the children, so am happy that I can recognise some of them even after the first day. It was great to see their personalities come out when doing the small group work. I also had the opportunity to do one-on-one work with the new student in the classroom. It was nice to see him feeling confident within the new classroom setting, and I spoke with him about his old school and what he was good at.

I also had time to have a discussion with my mentor about ICTs. She is very enthusiastic about me incorporating them into her classroom, and we found out that we can use the school iPads after morning tea each day. This will be very helpful in creating ICT-based lessons.

There is currently little to no use of ICTS within the classroom, but my mentor has told me that they use the computer lab once a week for an hour. Tomorrow I am going to show her some apps and ideas I have to create an English unit based on persuasive language. I have also found some great coding apps that I might ask the library lady to add to the school iPads.

It was great to see that Jane had a great first day yesterday as well.


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