Day 2 – Reflection – EDC3100 Prac

Well, Day 2 has been great. I have started to work on my ‘unit plan’ for the next three weeks. My mentor is incredibly supportive, and loves collaborating on ideas for me to try and enhance my unit. I am going to get my kids to create a multimodal advertisement, and utilise iPads, computers, and their creative sides, for them to invent a toy and then try and sell it. I am excited to try and incorporate as much technology as possible, and am excited at the possibility of using many different ICTs that I haven’t really touched on before. There are a few websites I have found that will be helpful: Canva, and an app called Grammaropolis, which I think will be very handy.

Today I had the opportunity to utilise some resources my mentor had, and I spent time with groups of five to go through the specific elements of a great advertisement. I also was given the opportunity to go through when I will be teaching specific lessons within these next three weeks, and I have been given 20 opportunities to teach my lessons. I am excited to see how I go putting this unit together.


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