Day 3 – Reflection – EDC3100 Prac

Day 3 and already teaching two hour long lessons! I feel like teaching is like riding a bike. Although you can be a bit rusty when you first get back into it, it seems to come easier, the more you practice and become involved with the kids.

Today I was able to really start teaching the unit of English my mentor has let me create. We are doing persuasive writing by creating an advertisement, and the students will be doing this by creating their own invention (be it a toy, appliance or device). The first lesson that I taught was based on the persuasive elements and the visual elements of advertisements. We looked at the elements I had gone through during group work yesterday, and it was great to see that most of the students could remember the new terminology. We didn’t get all the way through the lesson, as there were some continuous behavioural issues (out of my hands) that required the removal of a student. I was able to utilise the digital projector in this class, and project a PowerPoint, a mind map, and a video for the students to enjoy.

I then got to teach another English class, but this time I was able to utilise the computer lab. I created a Learning Path with Scootle, with activities that highlight the different things we will be covering throughout this unit. I found this lesson really used ICT to amplify and transform the learning of students, as the students were able to utilise the resources available on the learning path, to further their understanding of persuasive writing, the appropriate images that would be required, the appropriate language that would be used for different audiences, and also how to make a visually appealing advertisement.

My mentor had some great feedback for me for both lessons, and I will add this to my lesson plans. The student feedback was very positive as well for the games and activities I attached to the learning path.

Next week, I will definitely try and simplify my language to make sure that I am teaching to the level of the lowest students in the class. My mentor has recommended this, as she says that most teachers teach to the middle level, and the lower level always seem to be left out.

Bouncy balls is something that I would be interested in trying next week, and I got this idea from Maria. It is great to see that she is incorporating some great ICTs into her lessons.


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