Day 4 – Reflection – EDC3100 Prac

Today finished my first week! It’s great to have my prac going so quickly. My EDP3333 prac felt as if it was going at a glacial pace, in the first week, so I am relieved that I am enjoying this one so much.

Today I didn’t have any teaching opportunities, as my mentor only comes in Monday-Thursday, so I had the opportunity to move to another class for the day, which was the 4/5 class. It was great to observe other teachers and their methods of teaching. I had a great conversation with the classroom teacher about how she manages her students, and she has really created a well-oiled machine within her classroom.

I was able to contribute to a Digital Technologies lesson, by using the Scratch program, which is used to teach coding. I have encountered this program before, with my EDP2111 placement with a Year 6 class, and was happy to see it being used in a much younger level as well. It was great to see this new curriculum being implemented into the school, as my placement school doesn’t tend to focus on a lot of ICTs within the classroom.

I spoke to my mentor on the phone and she is excited for my lessons next week. I am looking forward to incorporating some more great ICTs within my lessons to amplify and transform the learning of my students. I’m glad Jane had a great week also. It is definitely a blessing to be placed with such supportive people for prac, and I hope the other people in my PLN are having a similar positive experience.


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