Day 5 – Reflection – EDC3100 Prac

Well, Day 5 and one third down of my prac! Gosh this going quickly! I am pleased to say I got to teach for 2 hours today, but there were lots of specialist lessons, and four of the students were adamant about playing up the ENTIRE day (and I MEAN entire; my mentor made a comment about how ridiculous they were being, which made me feel better about the fact they seemed so out of control in my lesson). We decided to change around the seating, as the three most troublesome out of the group were all sitting next to/in front of each other, which didn’t help at all!

I went more indepth with the elements of advertising today, but didn’t get to finish the lesson due to the constant disruption of the aforementioned students. It’s really a put-off when you can’t even get halfway through a lesson due to misbehaviour, but I guess nothing is ever perfect in the teaching world! I am still finding my footing with this class, but am finally building a rapport with the students, which is a relief. I feel as if this is the biggest hurdle in a classroom, and I feel as though I will have to train up the class a bit in order to get a maximum output from them.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a bit more productive!


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