Day 6 – Reflection – EDC3100 Prac

Well, what a day! After breaking my toe this morning, I only managed to get through two thirds of the day. I managed to finish off the lesson I taught yesterday, and also the Ginkis magazine lesson from last week. These lessons don’t have a lot of ICT involvement apart from the PowerPoint, so I am excited to start going ahead with the unit and create more opportunities.

It’s great reading about Jane’s experiences in the classroom, and she has so many good ideas for her lessons. I had a Prep class last term for my EDP3333 and I could only dream of being able to have the opportunity she had with ICTs in the classroom. I’m going to make sure I have students continue the Scootle learning path again on Thursday, but tomorrow, I’m going to continue more work towards their assessment. I am excited to see what they come up with!

I also got time to talk with my liaison, and it was great to speak with her about how successful my prac is going. She said my mentor had lots of positive things to say, which makes me feel so much better about everything. I hope everyone’s pracs are going well!


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