Day 8 – Reflection – EDC3100 Prac

Today was a great day. I was able to complete another lesson with the students in the computer lab, and have finally had the opportunity to book some sessions in the computer lab for next week. I have only 4 days left of teaching, as I do not teach on Fridays (due to observing in another classroom), and on Monday, there is professional development, which I will be attending.

I was happy today that I got to start students on their final assessment for my mini-unit that I’ve created, and I got to spend time with my mentor to map out next week, to ensure we complete everything required. I am excited to finally get some substantial ICT time with my students actually interacting. I will be doing some Digital Technologies tomorrow with the class, which I am excited about.

I hope everyone else is going well with their pracs. We are finally over halfway!!


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