Day 11 – Reflection – EDC3100 Prac

Today the lessons went really well. I taught my class alliteration, and got them to say tongue-twisters. They loved being able to have a go at it. I then got them to create a name for their products, a catch phrase, special offer, four facts, and a celebrity that they could use to endorse their products.

I had a discussion with my mentor about using the ICTs for this week and she is excited to see the work in the computer lab. The kids will be doing their advertisements and it will be exciting to see how they go with it. I will be getting them to create a script as well to go with it (typed up) that they will record for the class to hear. I’ll end up making a video for the class so that they can see the end result.

The behaviour management today was a bit iffy, as the students always seem to get out of control (which is something my mentor constantly reminds me isn’t my fault), as they are quite rowdy. I have changed the seating plan once again, and feel as though this will work well now, as the three students that misbehave the most are now far apart from each other and not about to take the ‘stage’ so to speak. It will be great to try out this new seating plan tomorrow when I do my lessons.

I am excited to see what the next four days of teaching brings!


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