Day 12 – Reflection – EDC3100 Prac

Today commenced the start of my proper ICT lessons. I was able to get students to start the design of their layout on a piece of paper, and then transfer this to a word document. I took them through the process they needed to go through to create an appropriate layout, on the overhead projector, while they copied my steps on their own computers. It was a simple process, and once I completed the demonstration, they were all off rearing to go, and had a great time getting creative in their computer lab session.

My mentor was very impressed with today’s lessons, and only had good things to say (which is the first time that has ever happened in any of my pracs). She is really impressed by my use of ICTs in the classroom, as it helps the class run along much quicker than when she uses the whiteboard. In each lesson PowerPoint, I have displayed a WALT, WILF and TIB for the class, as this is common practice for them. We went through the requirements for the layout and she praised me on my clear and succinct instruction. She has commented on my ‘lovely, calm manner’ and my ability to manage behaviour in the classroom well, with strategies such as tactical ignoring, to limit disjointedness within the classroom.I decided to utilise this strategy, as I have noticed that when my mentor or I give certain students more attention, they act out even more.

I feel as though everything worked well today, and the students were very excited to be able to use computers to create their assessment. I have also told them that anyone who finishes their advertisement can create a script to go with it, that I will help them record, to put on a video that I will create for the class as a sort of ‘gift’ for them (also to be shown at their Art in the Dark presentation night).

Tomorrow I am on another observation day (as it is Friday), an then I have two more days next week!! It’s great to see that everyone else is getting through the prac quickly, and I have loved reading Tam’s strategies she is looking at implementing.


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